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Motion graphics refer to animated graphic design elements, often used in multimedia projects such as films, television shows, advertisements, video games, and websites. These elements can include text, shapes, illustrations, logos, and other visual elements that are animated to create movement and visual interest.

Motion graphics combine principles of graphic design, animation, and filmmaking to communicate ideas or messages in a dynamic and engaging way. They can be used to enhance storytelling, convey information, evoke emotions, or simply add visual appeal to a project.

Some common uses of motion graphics include:
1. Title Sequences: Animated titles and credits in films and television shows.
2. Advertising: Animated commercials and promotional videos.
3. Explanatory Videos: Animated infographics and explainer videos.
4. User Interface Animations: Animated elements in user interfaces for websites and applications.
5. Event Graphics: Animated graphics for events such as conferences, concerts, and presentations.


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This was my first time taking an online course. The content is excellent, and the instructors are also excellent. How much you learn from this course is pretty much what you put into it.



Thank you! I enjoyed your course and humor. Please keep working on making great stuff to share and help more people. Look forward to more additional features to this project near future.

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  • Duration:2-3 Months
  • Softwares:2
  • Students:Max 15
  • Skill LeveAdvanced
  • LanguageHindi/English

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